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The beta-distribution based bayesian bandit algorith,.
from numpy import *
from scipy.stats import beta
class BetaBandit(object):
def __init__(self, num_options=2, prior=(1.0,1.0)):
self.trials = zeros(shape=(num_options,), dtype=int)
self.successes = zeros(shape=(num_options,), dtype=int)
self.num_options = num_options
self.prior = prior
def add_result(self, trial_id, success):
self.trials[trial_id] = self.trials[trial_id] + 1
if (success):
self.successes[trial_id] = self.successes[trial_id] + 1
def get_recommendation(self):
sampled_theta = []
for i in range(self.num_options):
#Construct beta distribution for posterior
dist = beta(self.prior[0]+self.successes[i],
#Draw sample from beta distribution
sampled_theta += [ dist.rvs() ]
# Return the index of the sample with the largest value
return sampled_theta.index( max(sampled_theta) )
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