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Unwatched TV view (add to SAGE_HOME/userdata/Phoenix/vfs/)
<!DOCTYPE vfs SYSTEM "vfs.dtd">
<view name="phoenix.view.default.TV.unwatched" label="TV Shows (Unwatched)" flat="true">
<tag value="tv" />
<tag value="default"/>
<view-source name="phoenix.view.primary.recordedtv"/>
<view-source name="phoenix.view.primary.importedtv"/>
<filter by="watched" value="false"/>
<presentation level="1">
<group by="show">
<option name="prune-single-item-groups" value="false"/>
<sort by="recentactivity">
<option name="folders-first" value="false"/>
<option name="sort-order" value="desc"/>
<presentation level="2">
<sort by="originalairdate">
<option name="sort-order" value="desc"/>
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