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studio3104/ Secret

Created Feb 10, 2018
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pyannotate example after
import requests
from typing import Optional
from typing import Union
from requests.models import Response
from typing import Any
from typing import Dict
def add(a, b):
# type: (int, int) -> int
return a + b
def str_or_none(c):
# type: (Union[int, str]) -> Optional[str]
return c if isinstance(c, str) else None
def call_address_api(zipcode):
# type: (str) -> Response
return requests.get(f'{zipcode}')
def parse_response_json(response):
# type: (Response) -> Dict[str, Any]
return response.json()
class Hoge:
def __init__(self):
# type: () -> None
def sub(self, d, e):
# type: (int, int) -> int
return d - e
def create_hoge_instance():
# type: () -> Hoge
return Hoge()
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