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Created May 26, 2011
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Obfuscated Caesar Cipher Solver
s ='code.txt')
shift = ('e'.ord - ('a'..'z').reduce(['',0]) do |m, l|
s.count(l) > m[1] ? [l, s.count(l)] : m
end[0].ord) % 26
puts'a-z', (('a'..'z').to_a*2)[shift...shift+26].join)
# Assumptions:
# - The plaintext is written in a language that uses Roman characters.
# - The plaintext is written in a language where 'e' is the most common letter.
# - All characters are lower case and only the alphas have been shifted.
# - RUBY_VERSION == 1.9.2
# Example Ciphertext:
# rwpeitg x. sdlc iwt gpqqxi-wdat
# paxrt lph qtvxccxcv id vti ktgn ixgts du hxiixcv qn wtg hxhitg dc iwt
# qpcz, pcs du wpkxcv cdiwxcv id sd: dcrt dg ilxrt hwt wps ettets xcid iwt
# qddz wtg hxhitg lph gtpsxcv, qji xi wps cd exrijgth dg rdcktghpixdch xc
# xi, 'pcs lwpi xh iwt jht du p qddz,' iwdjvwi paxrt 'lxiwdji exrijgth dg
# rdcktghpixdc?'
Smaller Version: ?c
puts 'a-z',(a.to_a*2)[d..d+25].join
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