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Last active Dec 19, 2016
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s.madness, AS current_system,
sys.x as curr_x,
sys.y as curr_y,
sys.z as curr_z, AS next_waypoint,
wsys.x as next_x,
wsys.y as next_y,
wsys.z as next_z,
coalesce(inc.incidents, 0) as incidents,
FROM stwalkerster_ed_explore.session s
INNER JOIN stwalkerster_ed_explore.system sys ON = s.currentsystem
LEFT JOIN stwalkerster_ed_explore.waypoint w ON = s.nextwaypoint
LEFT JOIN stwalkerster_ed_explore.system wsys ON w.system =
select i.session, sum( incidents
from stwalkerster_ed_explore.incident i
inner join stwalkerster_ed_explore.incidenttype it on = i.type
where it.technical = 0
group by i.session
) inc on inc.session =
INNER JOIN stwalkerster_ed_explore.trip t on = s.trip
WHERE = %d
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