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@stypr stypr/
Created Feb 7, 2015

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Change WLAN MAC address randomly in OSX
import os
import sys
check_root = os.popen("whoami").read().strip()
if check_root == "root":
mac_real = os.popen("ifconfig en0 | grep ether") \
.read().strip().replace("ether ", "")
mac_hex = os.popen("openssl rand -hex 6").read().strip()
mac_fake = ""
for i in range(len(mac_hex)):
if(i % 2 == 1):
mac_fake += mac_hex[i] + ":"
mac_fake += mac_hex[i]
mac_fake = final_data[:-1]
os.system("ifconfig en0 ether " + final_data)
os.system("sudo python")
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