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A php script that can be used on a Synology Nas to revive Pushover notifications.
/********** CONFING START ***********/
// Only allow request made by localhost?
// Set this to false if this script is not running on your synology webserver (less secure)
$localOnly = true;
/********** CONFING END *************/
echo time();
// Validate httpHost and/or remote addr?
if ($localOnly) {
if ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] != 'localhost') {
// Not locahost
// Set variables
$options = array(
'message' => isset($_GET['text']) ? $_GET['text'] : false,
'token' => isset($_GET['appkey']) ? $_GET['appkey'] : false,
'user' => isset($_GET['userkey']) ? $_GET['userkey'] : false
// Remove empty values
$options = array_filter($options);
// Quit if not exactly 3 get values were found
if (count($options) != 3) {
echo 'invalid options';
// Do Pushover curl
curl_setopt_array($ch = curl_init(), array(

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@elRadix elRadix commented Jan 10, 2015

would it possible to have this for pushbullet, would you mind create a second script for pussbullet?

I think only the pushbullet curl command is different, described here:

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