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Last active Feb 18, 2021
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Inkscape / SVG on GitHub

Inkscape extensions


Export (Effect)

  • Inkscape Extensions for Inkscape
  • inkscape_laserplugin An inkscape plugin that creates gcode for the laser cutter in the attraktor makerspace.
  • eggbot_extensions Modifications of official EggBot Inkscape extension to support EggDuino
  • inkmerge Mailmerge extension for Inkscape
  • armature Armature allows you to easily create wireframes from a single Inkscape document.
  • fablab-inkscape-plugins Collection de plugin inkscape utiles dans un fablab
  • gcodetools CAM extension for Inkscape to export paths to Gcode
  • EggBot Software for the Original EggBot Kit
  • wcb-ink WaterColorBot extensions for Inkscape
  • inkscape-silhouette An extension to drive a Silhoutte Cameo from within inkscape.
  • laserengraver Inkscape插件,用作激光雕刻机。把svg文件转换成gcode文件。
  • paths2openscad SVG paths to OpenSCAD converter
  • hotwire Inkscape plug in for styropor cutter
  • export_layer_combinations Inkscape extension that saves multiple PNG files containing different combinations of layers.
  • inkscape_generator Generate output files from a template SVG file
  • inkflex Inkscape Flash Exporter extension
  • Inkscape-JPEG-export-extension This is a small extension that allows to export a selection directly in jpeg format from inkscape. Actually this simply create a tmp png and then convert it to jpeg using imagemagick.
  • Inkscape-JPEG-export-extension This is a small extension that allows to export a selection directly in jpeg format from inkscape. Actually this simply create a tmp png and then convert it to jpeg using imagemagick.
  • inkscape-navigator Inkscape files navigation generator
  • InkscapeSpineExporter Inkscape extension to aid in the development of Spine animations.
  • InkscapeMockupMachine Automatically export Inkscape layer constellations as images in batch.
  • android4inkscape inkscape extension to export correctly proportioned png files to res folders of android project
  • svg2tikz An Inkscape extension for exporting SVG paths as TikZ/PGF paths
  • KM-Laser Inkscape extension for Knox Makers Laser Cutter
  • paths2openscad No longer maintained SVG paths to OpenSCAD converter
  • bansai Inkscape to BonsaiJS extension
  • ExtractElements Inkscape extension for extracting and exporting elements from a drawing.
  • p2p2json Inkscape extension to create json describing a point-2-point map.
  • Inkscape-Slicer-Extension Helper to ""slice"" inkscape images to pngs, by drawing boxes around what you want sliced
  • inkscape-roland-cutstudio Inkscape Windows Plugin for Roland CutStudio
  • mrbeam-inkscape-ext Our g-code generation scripts, wrapped into an inkscape extension. Forked from Nick Drobchenko's sources (, released under GPLv2
  • thlaser Inkscape plugin for exporting paths as gcode
  • ink2fxl ink2fxl converts Inkscape SVG files to XHTML+(SVG)+CSS, XHTML+raster (layer-wise), or raster-only (layer-wise).
  • laserengraverInkscapeplugin A laser engraver GCODE generator for Marlin firmware (RepRap) to control a laser or mill. Generated GCODE Out of inkscape files.
  • InkCutter Fork of the Inkscape Extension InkCut
  • inkscape-embroidery embroidery Inkscape Extension by Jon Howell
  • Inkcut
  • tcnc Inkscape extension that generates G-code suitable for a four axis CNC cutter (XYZ plus tangent A)



  • inkscape-pybounds Module to calculate bounding boxes of SVG objects in Inkscape extensions.
  • Inkscape_helper Split out a lot of common stuff for my Inkscape extensions


  • Inkscape-OpenSCAD-DXF-Export Inkscape plugin that exports DXF files usable by OpenSCAD
  • inkscape-android-export This Inkscape extension exports all selected items in different densities. The exported PNGs will be named by their ID in the SVG.
  • inkscape-unicorn Inkscape extension for outputting G-Code for the MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter
  • rePresent A SVG presentation tool: started as revamped version of JessyInk. Based on Inkscape export filters and a bit of JavaScript for the browser part.
  • gimp_psd inkscape extension. create a psd file.
  • inkscape-openscad-poly Inkscape extension for exporting drawings as OpenSCAD modules of polygon() calls.
  • inkscape-unicorn Inkscape extension for outputting G-Code for the MakerBot Unicorn Pen Plotter
  • inkscape-svg2jpg Inkscape output plugin for saving SVG files in JPG format.
  • svg2css An Inkscape Plugin which converts SVG to HTML+CSS.
  • csv_output An extension for Inkscape useful for extracting plottable data from SVG scatterplots.
  • inkscape-addons Inkscape add-ons


Resources (Palettes, templates, etc.)

Building & Packaging


SVG Tools

SVG Converter

  • svg2cairo SVG to Cairo code converter.
  • Converts basic SVG paths to coordinate based values for HTML Area tags
  • wpi2svg Pyhton script for converting WACOM Inkling files to SVG
  • svgtopng Nice script for converting SVG image sequence to PNG using Inkscape CLI
  • svgToQuartz A first attempt at a script that converts svg paths to Apple Quartz2D commands
  • svg-objects-export Export multiple SVG elements to other formats (png, pdf, ps, eps, svg), selecting them based on their ID with regular expressions, or XPath expression.
  • InkScape_layers_export Short bash script to use InkScape to create powerpoint-like presentations.
  • svg2font Basic files to prepare a font within inkscape and render a ttf
  • inkexport Batch export script for iOS developer who uses Inkscape
  • montai multi-threaded inkscape renderer
  • SVGExport Scripts for exporting SVG to png files
  • SVG2PNG Simple Nautilus script to convert SVG to PNG based on DPI or resolution.
  • svg2gcode an svg-file to gcode converter using optimized paths. Written in C and nanosvg.h by Mikko Mononen. Compiles on OS X, Linux, Windows or maybe on every platform having C-compiler.
  • SVGlayers2pdf Converting SVG Inkscape layers to PDF
  • svggvs Ruby application for using Inkscape files as templates for board game cards
  • invites generate printable invite postcards from inkscape templates and csv address data
  • export_icons Inkscape Icon Export Script for Mobile Apps
  • svg2imap Automatically exported from
  • AutoExport Automatically export groups of an inkscape file as multiple formats (png, eps, svg)
  • svg2tikz Convert SVG figures to TiKZ
  • inkscape-survex-export Inkscape extension to export a survex (.svx) file""
  • svg2sdf converts mol and sdf files to svg
  • SavageFlask XFL to SVG conversion utility written in Ruby.
  • icons2font This utility takes vector icons in svg format and convert them to icon fonts (svg,ttf,waff,eot) to be display in all browsers.
  • svgpages Split a multilayer svg into multiple single pages, based on layer names
  • inkmake Makefile inspired export from SVG files using Inkscape as backend with some added smartness.
  • svgToDxf Shell script that uses inkscape and pstoedit to convert svgToDxf

SVG Filter

  • SvgReplaceColors All in the name
  • check_svg Check SVG for conformance with draft-brownlee-svg
  • sozi-tools Helpers for Inkscape / Sozi presentations
  • Python script to convert connected SVG line elements into polylines
  • python_svg_batch_tools Python scripts for SVG : style, raster, compose.
  • scour Scour - an SVG scrubber
  • node-svgfilter A readable/writable stream that manipulates SVG files
  • SVG-Optimiser A python module to clear up SVG files, especially those created in Inkscape
  • Ez-Inkscape
  • svgtune Simple helper to tune SVGs (Inkscape oriented): useful for generation of incremental slides out of single .svg

SVG Generator

  • scruffy Makes SVG shapes look hand-drawn and creates UML diagrams using yUML ( syntax
  • png2svg pixel by pixel png -> svg
  • pyrspective Python code to generate SVG for perspective drafting/drawing
  • svg_stack concatenate SVG files
  • identicon Shell script for creating identicons with direct SVG rendering or ImageMagick based rendering
  • ep2svg Tool to convert .ep files ( to SVG
  • sharpvg Converts bitmaps to beautifully pixelated SVGs
  • PNG2SGV Converts PNG images into a beautiful SVG vector graphic. Specially suited for small bitmaps / sprite images.
  • utils.layer2svg extract layers from an inkscape svg into separate svg files
  • pyTartan Convert tartan setts to SVG
  • pisa Cartesian plots in SVG
  • QuartzSVG A Mac program that draws with Quartz to the screen, while writing an equivalent SVG file to the console.
  • pdf2svg A simple PDF to SVG converter using the Poppler and Cairo libraries
  • dh_inkscape_tools null
  • font_to_svg Render characters from font files into an SVG path
  • svgCombiner shell script that combines separate svg files into a single one that can be used via references. Standardizes fill=currentColor. Generates a test/example html file.
  • stipplegen Software that can create stipple drawings and “TSP art,” from image files
  • png2svg Convert PNG to SVG.
  • inkscape-centerline-trace A bitmap vectorizer that can trace along the centerline of a stroke. The builtin inkscape 'trace bitmap' can only trace edges, thus resulting in double lines for most basic use cases. It uses 'autotrace -centerline' and an optimal threshold to vectorize a pixel image
  • svg-generator An online SVG Graphics Generator with the ability to export to SVG.
  • boxes Python module for generationg SVG plots for laser cutting boxes
  • ggears Software for creating both internal and external gears in SVG and DXF formats
  • boardgame-tools Generates printable sheets of cards from SVG/CSV templates.
  • wpi2svg Command-line Wacom WPI to SVG converter written in GOLANG
  • freqpy Frequent chinese characters - Wallpapers
  • png2svg Convert PNG images to SVG.
  • spiral-calendar Python code to generate a spiral-shaped calendar in SVG.
  • freestylesvg SVG output for Blender Freestyle
  • gencards A bash file that generates SVG playing cards
  • svgsplit Utility to split Inkscape SVG files into layers
  • libemf2svg EMF to SVG conversion library
  • vss2svg Visio stencils converter to svg
  • pixel2svg
  • FontAwesomeSVG Automatically create an SVG from the FontAwesome Cheatsheet page for use with Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator
  • noirinator Python scripts to process individual Blender output images into a vectorized high-contrast single-file starting point for a comic book scene in SVG
  • story-notes A simple tool to get user stories written in a text file into notes that you can put on the wall. Currently depends on PyYAML, Inkscape and Pritt Glue Roller...
  • svg-group-files A command-line application that takes an SVG with multiple elements and splits them into their own files.
  • FontToSvgsToFont Script for extracting svgs from icon font and script for reversing this process so edited svgs get slurped back into the font. Tested on Ubuntu. Requires FontForge.
  • sbc Simple Bar Charter - CLI to easily generate simple bar charts in SVG
  • spc Simple Pie Charter - CLI to easily generate simple pie charts in SVG
  • svg-meme SVG meme / image macro generator
  • acorn2svg Convert .acorn files to SVG
  • clipartcam clipartcam
  • hama-pixels Code to create an SVG file from image pixels, but move the colors into a limited range
  • StendigCalendar Use python, pysvg to make Stendig calendars in SVG and PDF
  • symbol_creator Symbol Library Creator for Inkscape
  • docstamp A SVG template renderer from table data based on Inkscape and Jinja2.
  • PNG2SVG NPM module to convert PNG files to blocky SVG images to be used with retro sprites.
  • graffle2svg Mirror of BSD
  • inkscape-layers Splits Inkscape SVG layers into individual SVG documents
  • svgclip Clip SVG files to the size of actual drawing. Uses Inkscape to get bounding box.
  • inklingreader A GNU/Linux-friendly version of the Wacom Inkling SketchManager.
  • inkscape-export-layers Export selected layers from Inkscape SVG.
  • svg-resizer Basic cli utility to batch resize svg files
  • SVG_Python_Tools SVG Python tools
  • ShapeDetector A program that detects shapes in an image and converts them into svg
  • dot-matrix creates a SVG version of the image, in which the pixels are circles
  • svg-resize Resizes and frames an SVG image

SVG Library

  • polygonization library to convert SVG into a set of straight line polygons
  • easy-embroidery
  • svgsize A simple library that reads size (dimensions) from a SVG image
  • svglib An experimental library for reading and converting SVG
  • svg_utils Python tools to create and manipulate SVG files
  • svgplot
  • svg A Python SVG parser and drawing module
  • svgcuts SVG with an eye to laser cutting
  • simple_svg_parser A small library for getting geometry out of an svg file
  • pysvg simple svg parser and editor
  • diffsvg A diff tool for SVG files
  • play-svg play-SVG is a set of libraries for the generation of geometric imagery in SVG format
  • svglue Create templates using Inkscape, then fill them in (and render them to PDF, if you like).
  • svg_plot Plot data in SVG format using C++ library.
  • text2path Convert text to svg paths
  • chalk Chalk is a Python module for vizualizing various Python data structures in SVG format.
  • svg.path SVG path objects and parser
  • svgplease Command line tool for manipulating svg files.
  • svg-position-optimizer Take a set of SVGs and Optimally Position to Minimize Wasted Space on a Given Surface Area, for use with laser cutter projects
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