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Suan Yeo suan

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suan / gist:053fcf4fed8949545275f4553177af4e
Created Jul 9, 2017
Generate unemployment rate vs 3-year moving average chart
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "json"
require "date"
require "rest-client"
require "axlsx"
BLS_REGISTRATION_KEY = "<get your own from>"
# How many spreadsheet rows before the data actually starts
suan / Rails timestamp with timezone investigation
Created Apr 22, 2014
Rails timestamp with timezone investigation
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# Rails 3
class CreateFoo < ActiveRecord::Migration
def up
create_table :foos
execute "alter table foos add column created_at timestamp with time zone"
execute "alter table foos add column updated_at timestamp with time zone"
def down
drop_table :foos
suan / gist:6247795
Created Aug 16, 2013
Simple Infinite Array Ruby implementation
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class InfiniteArray < Array
def initialize(value)
super(1, value)
def [](index)
suan / version_number_compare.rb
Created Jun 27, 2013
Compare 2 equal-length version numbers in Ruby
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class VersionNumber
include Comparable
attr_reader :version_parts
def initialize version_string
@version_parts = version_string.split(/[a-zA-Z]/).first.split('.').map(&:to_i)
def <=> other
@version_parts.each_with_index do |version_part, i|
suan / STDOUT
Last active Dec 17, 2015 — forked from courtenay/STDOUT
# output
> gh =
> puts "test\n\n# test 1\n\n# test 2\n\n# test 1\n\n# test 1"
<a name="test-1" class="anchor" href="#test-1"><span class="anchor-icon"></span></a><h1 id="test-1">test 1</h1>
<a name="test-2" class="anchor" href="#test-2"><span class="anchor-icon"></span></a><h1 id="test-2">test 2</h1>
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