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[subbu@earth:~/work/wmf/software/integration] jenkins-jobs --conf etc/jenkins_jobs.ini test config/ -o output/
WARNING:jenkins_jobs.config:Config file, etc/jenkins_jobs.ini, not found. Using default config values.
INFO:jenkins_jobs.config:Will use anonymous access to Jenkins if needed.
INFO:jenkins_jobs.cli.subcommand.update:Updating jobs in ['config/'] ([])
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/jenkins-jobs", line 10, in <module>
File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jenkins_jobs/cli/", line 146, in main
File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/jenkins_jobs/cli/", line 140, in execute
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[subbu@earth:~/work/wmf/parsoid/lib] git diff
diff --git a/lib/ext/Cite/index.js b/lib/ext/Cite/index.js
index c08e2cf14..f4d4d8991 100644
--- a/lib/ext/Cite/index.js
+++ b/lib/ext/Cite/index.js
@@ -113,8 +113,8 @@ Ref.prototype.serialHandler = {
// Add b/c protection -- older revisions don't have 'primary' property set
if (haveUpdatedHtml(env)) {
const emitHtml =
- ( && (dataMw.primary || dataMw.dupe)) ||
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[subbu@earth:~/work/wmf/mediawiki] echo -e "a\n\n=b=" | php maintenance/parse.php
parse.php: warning: reading wikitext from STDIN. Press CTRL+D to parse.
<div class="mw-parser-output"><p>a
<h1><span class="mw-headline" id="b">b</span><span class="mw-editsection"><span class="mw-editsection-bracket">[</span><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=CLIParser&amp;veaction=edit&amp;section=1" class="mw-editsection-visualeditor" title="Edit section: b">edit</a><span class="mw-editsection-divider"> | </span><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=CLIParser&amp;action=edit&amp;section=1" title="Edit section: b">edit source</a><span class="mw-editsection-bracket">]</span></span></h1>
</div>[subbu@earth:~/work/wmf/mediawiki] echo -e "a\n\n\n=b=" | php maintenance/parse.php
parse.php: warning: reading wikitext from STDIN. Press CTRL+D to parse.
<div class="mw-parser-output"><p>a
View itwikisource titles
<title>Il Tesoretto/XVII</title>
<title>La Circe/Dialogo terzo</title>
<title>Dell'obbedienza del cavallo/Errata corrige</title>
<title>Dei cristalli quarzosi di Selvino/Dei cristalli quarzosi di Selvino</title>
<title>I quattro libri dell'architettura (1790)/Libro II</title>
<title>Raccolta di rime antiche toscane - Volume primo/Brunetto Latini</title>
<title>Aiuto:Come aggiungere un testo/Preload sottopagina</title>
<title>Rivista italiana di numismatica 1890/Bibliografia</title>
<title>Rivista italiana di numismatica 1890/Notizie varie</title>
View eswikisource titles
<title>Tríptico del fuego</title>
<title>Lluvia (Caprile)</title>
<title>A una hermana espiritual</title>
<title>Una mañana</title>
<title>La hiedra (Caprile)</title>
<title>Estoy sola...</title>
<title>Consejo (Caprile)</title>
View enwikisource titles
<title>Our Mutual Friend/Book 1/Chapter 2</title>
<title>The Princess of Cleves</title>
<title>Nobody's Boy</title>
<title>Nobody's Boy/Chapter XXXIII</title>
<title>Heart/The First Day of School</title>
<title>Heart/Our Master</title>
<title>Heart/The Day of the Dead</title>
<title>Heart/My Friend Garrone</title>
<title>Heart/The Trader</title>
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Here is a list of titles on frwikisource that need to be updated. It has been created with this commandline script:
$ egrep -B15 '<text.*\w+\s*=\s+\w+\s*=' frwikisource-latest-pages-articles.xml | grep '<title>' | sed 's/.*<title>//g;s/<\/title>//g;' > titles
Odes (Horace, Séguier)
Le Monde comme volonté et comme représentation
Les Rêveries du promeneur solitaire
Bel-Ami/Édition Ollendorff, 1901/Deuxième Partie/I
Rutebeuf - Oeuvres complètes, 1839/Ci commence Le Miracle de Théophile
Esquisse d’un tableau historique des progrès de l’esprit humain
Odes et Ballades
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# Port of, as documented below, to Ruby.
# Stefan Marr, 2014-04-28
# Was:
# =================
# Ported for the PyPy project.
# Contributed by Daniel Lindsley
# This implementation of the DeltaBlue benchmark was directly ported
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[subbu@earth tests] node parse --trace=help
- With one or more comma-separated flags, traces those specific phases
- Supported flags:
* peg : shows tokens emitted by tokenizer
* sync:1 : shows tokens flowing through the post-tokenizer Sync Token Transform Manager
* async:2 : shows tokens flowing through the Async Token Transform Manager
* sync:3 : shows tokens flowing through the post-expansion Sync Token Transform Manager
* tsp : shows tokens flowing through the TokenStreamPatcher (useful to see in-order token stream)
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[subbu@earth ir] cat !$
cat ~/bin/runspecs
if [ $1 ]
echo "Running all specs with passes $1"
jruby -J-ea -X-CIR -Xir.passes=$1 -J-Djruby.launch.inproc=true -S spec/mspec/bin/mspec ci -B spec/jruby.1.9.spec -V -T -J-Djruby.compile.mode=OFFIR -T$1
echo "Running all specs with default passes"