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Last active August 30, 2017 18:02
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What would you like to do?
1. We recommend to describe:
- what does the team do, what product do they develop, what business-model is in use,
project investment source, risks for a potential employee if one is engage
- the kind of work: is that a temporary contract, hourly rate, full-time, remote,
are you ready for move compensation from another city/country and what type of visa do you suggest.
- technology stack: what do you use and why? If you can't answer this question,
it would be better not to publish a job offer.
- process organization: timezones, calls, business trips, where does the code stored, how do you release, demo etc.
2. An opportunity should be non-formal. Classic "young dynamically developing company and market leader suggests...
requirements... we offer..." is irrelevant. Please write a tale why your opportunity is better than thousands of other ones.
3. The salary question may be quite awkward, so rules are quite simple: if you have bracketing, please publish it,
if not, then better to skip. But then do not wonder when you get candidates for junior HTML-coder aide asking for $10k per month.
4. All sums should be published with currency. Russian rubles per month and American dollars per year may look very similar
in written but are very different in purchasing power. If salary is being discussed as gross (before taxes and deductions),
please attach a link to good tax calculator for your country.
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