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Most of our communication happens with each other via text. Without the benefit of verbal tone, facial expressions and other non-verbal queues, these communications tend to be [heavily influenced by how we are feeling at the time](
## Listening/Reading
* ALWAYS make the most respectful interpretation of what the others say.
* NEVER make negative assumptions about others' motivations. Unless a person clearly and explicitly communicates a negative intent one should never assume the worse based on non-explicit statements.
## Talking/Writing
* ALWAYS communicate in a respectful manner.
* NEVER act on or disclose confidential information to other people outside of a confidential circle.
## Handling Conflict
* If you ever feel that someone is being overly aggressive or confrontational (raising their voice, being accusatory or otherwise unprofessional) we encourage you to stop the conversation, report to your direct manager, and communicate with that person only in public chats/meetings until you feel the behavior won't be repeated.
* If this happens between you and your manager, please report to their boss or to Eric, Roger or Ben.
## Team Cohesion Maintenance
Regular in-person contact with co-workers increases empathy, team cohesion, and overall happiness at work. We strongly encourage participating in team building activities, but especially so when you notice any kind of friction between yourself and others on the team. You can speak confidentially with Roger or Artem about the scheduling of such activities.
### We are all on the same team and need to act as a single unit with open, trusting, respectful communication and a strong desire to understand each other and do great things together.
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auwebber23 commented Apr 20, 2021

Thank you so much for writing about communication etiquette! It's very important in our time!

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auwebber23 commented Apr 20, 2021

Also I found the link to psychologytoday blog in your post. Thanks for it too, I like this resource so much!

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mcdanielmark473 commented Apr 20, 2021

Yes, communication is a very important process. Thank you very much for the description of communication etiquette and reference to an authoritative source. I try to use these rules, although I do not always do it well. I try to read and write more about communication to better understand the issue. This is a very interesting topic for me. I even wrote a few essays on this topic at and highly recommend you read them. There are many materials that help students write their work. Also, if you have trouble writing, you can get help from professional writers. I myself used this service before, when I had tasks on topics in which I had poor knowledge.

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suchov commented Apr 20, 2021

wow, my pleasure

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