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Makefile for converting Markdown to various formats with Pandoc, TeX and kindlegen
BUILD_DIR := gen
# pandoc is a handy tool for converting between numerous text formats:
PANDOC := pandoc
# pandoc options
# Liberation fonts:
PANDOC_PDF_OPTS := --toc --chapters --base-header-level=1 --number-sections --template=virsto_doc.tex --variable mainfont="Liberation Serif" --variable sansfont="Liberation Sans" --variable monofont="Liberation Mono" --variable fontsize=12pt --variable documentclass=book
PANDOC_EBOOK_OPTS := --toc --epub-stylesheet=epub.css --epub-cover-image=cover.jpg --base-header-level=1
# download kindlegen from
KINDLEGEN := kindlegen
MARKDOWN := $(wildcard *.markdown)
PDF := $(patsubst %.markdown,$(BUILD_DIR)/%.pdf,$(MARKDOWN))
EBOOK := $(patsubst %.markdown,$(BUILD_DIR)/%.epub,$(MARKDOWN))
DOCX := $(patsubst %.markdown,$(BUILD_DIR)/%.docx,$(MARKDOWN))
WIKI := $(patsubst %.markdown,$(BUILD_DIR)/%.mediawiki,$(MARKDOWN))
HTML := $(patsubst %.markdown,$(BUILD_DIR)/%.html,$(MARKDOWN))
.PHONY: all checkdirs pdf ebook doc wiki html clean
all: checkdirs $(PDF) $(EBOOK) $(DOCX) $(WIKI) $(HTML)
checkdirs: $(BUILD_DIR)
pdf: checkdirs $(PDF)
ebook: checkdirs $(EBOOK)
doc: checkdirs $(DOCX)
wiki: checkdirs $(WIKI)
html: checkdirs $(HTML)
@mkdir -p $@
# generate PDF
$(BUILD_DIR)/%.pdf: %.markdown
$(PANDOC) $(PANDOC_PDF_OPTS) --self-contained -o $@ $<
# generate both iBooks (.epub) and then Kindle (.mobi) formats
$(BUILD_DIR)/%.epub: %.markdown
$(PANDOC) $(PANDOC_EBOOK_OPTS) --self-contained -o $@ $<
$(KINDLEGEN) $(KINDLEGEN_OPTS) $@ > /dev/null
# generate Microsoft Word documents (.docx)
$(BUILD_DIR)/%.docx: %.markdown
$(PANDOC) --self-contained -o $@ $<
# generate files suitable for pasting into mediawiki
$(BUILD_DIR)/%.mediawiki: %.markdown
$(PANDOC) -t mediawiki --self-contained -o $@ $<
# generate HTML files
$(BUILD_DIR)/%.html: %.markdown
$(PANDOC) --self-contained -o $@ $<
@rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)
# EXPERIMENTAL! Publish to our corporate Wiki (using the script mwupdate)
# WARNING! This is a one-way process, no changes are pulled from the wiki.
# If you're now careful, you'll override somebody else's edits.
# Usage: make
# If the DocumentName page doesn't exist, it will be created. $(BUILD_DIR)/%.mediawiki
@cat $< | mwupdate $(patsubst,%,$@)

smhr commented Apr 27, 2016

Thanks for this makefile.

I've got this error when I use make pdf:

pandoc: Could not find data file templates/virsto_doc.tex

What's this file?

Thanks again.

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