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Created Apr 17, 2012
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The first commented line is your dabblet’s title
* The first commented line is your dabblet’s title
.container {
background-color: red;
.left {
float: left;;
background-color: orange;
width: 100px;
.right {
background-color: green;
.subcontainer {
background-color: green;
.item {
background-color: green;
div ul {
list-style-type: none;
div ul li {
float: right;
<!-- content to be placed inside <body>…</body> -->
<div class="container">
<span class="left">Test</span>
<span class="item">Item 1</span>
<span class="item">Item 2</span>
<span class="item">Item 3</span>
<span class="item">Item 4</span>
<span class="item">Item 5</span>
<span class="item">Item 6</span>
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