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Edit and review github wiki on your local machine
First, clone your github wiki to your local machine
  1. Checkout your repository wiki via git.
     - You can find the URL at the lower-right of your wiki page (look for the label "Clone this wiki locally")
  2. Now that you have pulled down a local copy of your github repo wiki, create a new file in the repo called  - Note that other names might not work.
  3. Within the newly created file, you can add appropriate [[link]] markdown syntax.
  4. Add your new file to the local repository, and push via git push origin master.

With the same procedure, you can add a header( and footer( file.

For more details, refer to
Also, for a complete example, refer to

Install gollum
  • Prerequisites
    • Ruby, RubyGem
  • install gollum
  • gem install gollum
    • This may not go well at the 1st attempt;
    • On OS X, I needed to install icu4c package ( by running brew install icu4c )
  • review your wiki
    1. Navigate to your git repository (wiki) via the command line.
    2. Run: gollum
    3. Open http://localhost:4567 in your browser.

For more details, refer to


If you're a Vim user, then create a .vimrc in your local wiki directory, and add the following commands

set filetype=markdown

:nnoremap <f8> :wa \| !gollum > /dev/null 2>&1 &<CR>

:nnoremap <f9> :!kill $( pgrep -f gollum )<CR>

Now you can start the gollum server by pressing F8, and kill it by pressing F9 in your Vim.

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See also the official install docs at the Gollum wiki:

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atrenton commented Jul 2, 2020

I recently created a wiki on my Windows PC using Gollum 5.0 in a Docker container. Much to my surprise, I found that the GitHub wiki version of Gollum does not support a number of features. Here's a list of features found in Gollum 5.0 release notes that don't work after pushing the wiki to GitHub:

  • not recognized
  • Support for wiki_options in config.rb
  • YAML front matter metadata: E.G. title instead of H1 title
  • Support special attributes when linking internal images: E.G. [[/images/logo.png|align=center]]
  • Standard Macro support:
    • <<Navigation>>
    • <<Video>>
    • <<Note>>
    • <<Octicon>>

I have posted this info in feedback to GitHub support but have not had a response from them yet.

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tyn1998 commented Oct 18, 2022

I'm using a M1 Mac and this works for me, thanks!

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