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Last active May 24, 2022
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Generate JWT from SEEDHEX for BitClout DeSo in Python
import jwt
import binascii
from ecdsa import SigningKey, SECP256k1
''' SEEDHEX should always be kept private. It has access to your complete wallet. It's kinda like
seed phrase. This is why writing methods in backend isn't a good practice until we have derived keys.
You can only automate your own account and can't have user authorisation. It is recommended to use test account while using write methods.
You can find the seedHex of your account in your browser storage. Just open > Dev tools > Application > Storage > Local Storage > > users > Select the public key with which you want to post > seedHex'''
private_key = bytes(SEEDHEX, 'utf-8')
private_key = binascii.unhexlify(private_key)
key = SigningKey.from_string(private_key, curve=SECP256k1)
key = key.to_pem()
encoded_jwt = jwt.encode({}, key, algorithm="ES256")
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