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simple hg extension to aggregate commit history by week
"""Display commit summary by week."""
import time
def summary(ui, repo, fs='', **opts):
"""Display commit summary by week"""
buckets = []
init_date = repo[0].date()[0]
now = time.time()
bucket_size = 7*24*60*60
c = now
while True:
c = c - bucket_size
if c <= init_date:
for rev in repo:
ctx = repo[rev]
timestamp =[0]
changes = 0
if opts['diffs']:
for diff in ctx.diff():
cs = len(diff.split("\n"))
changes = changes + cs
changes = len(ctx.files())
d = now - timestamp
bucket = int(d / bucket_size)
buckets[bucket] = buckets[bucket]+changes
ui.write(','.join(map(str, buckets)))
cmdtable = {
[('f', 'files', None, 'count by changed files (fast, default)'),
('d', 'diffs', None, 'count by diffs (slow but more accurate)')], "[options]")
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