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Quickstart for Windows-targeted development on macOS with `mingw`+`python3`

Quickstart for Windows-targeted development on macOS with mingw+python3

1. install Homebrew

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

2. install Virtual Box (free):

brew cask install virtualbox

3. install vagrant for virtual machine management

brew cask install vagrant

4. load a prebuilt VM Windows Server 2016 (10.0.14393 LTS channel)

git clone
cd windows-docker-machine
vagrant up --provider virtualbox 2016-box

5. install Docker

brew install docker

6. List your new Docker machine

docker-machine ls

7. switch to Windows docker environment

eval $(docker-machine env 2016-box)

if you need to switch back to macOS environment

eval $(docker-machine env -unset)

8. use this Docker image (which will be automatically loaded from Docker Hub)

docker run -it -v C:$(pwd):C:/io sunt05/windows-dev powershell

all necessary mingw binaries haved been added to %PATH%, some essential ones are listed below:

  • make (in fact a renamed copy of mingw32-make for easier access)
  • gcc+gfortran
  • python3+numpy


  1. StefanScherer/windows-docker-machine
  2. mback2k/docker-windows-buildbot-msys2
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