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package main
import (
import (
type Execute struct {
Command string `goptions:"-c, --command, mutexgroup='input', description='Command to exectute', obligatory"`
Script *os.File `goptions:"--script, mutexgroup='input', description='Script to exectute', rdonly"`
Fo *os.File `goptions:"-o, --output, description='The output', wronly"`
Force bool `goptions:"-f, --force, description='Force removal'"`
Check string `goptions:"--check, description='Check str'"`
type Options struct {
Server string `goptions:"-s, --server, description='Server to connect to'"`
Password string `goptions:"-p, --password, description='Don\\'t prompt for password'"`
Timeout time.Duration `goptions:"-t, --timeout, description='Connection timeout in seconds'"`
Verbosity []bool `goptions:"-v, --verbose, description='Be verbose'"`
Quiet bool `goptions:"-q, --quiet, description='Do not print anything, even errors (except if --verbose is specified)'"`
Help goptions.Help `goptions:"-h, --help, description='Show this help'"`
Execute `goptions:"execute"` // Embedding!
Delete struct {
Path string `goptions:"-n, --name, obligatory, description='Name of the entity to be deleted'"`
Force bool `goptions:"-f, --force, description='Force removal'"`
} `goptions:"delete"`
var options = Options{ // Default values goes here
Timeout: 10 * time.Second,
Execute: Execute{
Check: "something",
type Command func() error
var commands = map[goptions.Verbs]Command{
"execute": executecmd,
"delete": deletecmd,
var (
func main() {
if len(options.Verbs) == 0 {
VERBOSITY = len(options.Verbosity)
if cmd, found := commands[options.Verbs]; found {
err := cmd()
if err != nil {
if !options.Quiet {
fmt.Println("error:", err)
func executecmd() error {
fmt.Printf("Selected verb: %s\n", options.Verbs)
fmt.Printf("Execute.Command: %s\n", options.Execute.Command)
fmt.Printf(" with verbosity: %d\n", VERBOSITY)
//options.Execute.Check = "something else"
if options.Execute.Fo != nil {
fmt.Fprintf(options.Execute.Fo, "To output, Check str: '%s'\n",
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stdout, "To os.Stdout, Check str: '%s'\n",
options.Execute.Force = true
fmt.Printf("Force: %v\n", options.Execute.Force)
return nil
func deletecmd() error {
return nil
func testMore() {
fmt.Printf("Force: %v\n", options.Execute.Force)
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