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Diablo II Ressurected Cheat Sheet

Diablo II Ressurected Cheat Sheet

Farming effeciency (hell)

Location \ Build Drops BlizzSorc LightningSorc Hammerdin Hammerdin
Gear MF tank tank Enigma
Mephisto starter unique high medium low high
Duriel jewel high medium low high
Andariel ring high medium low high
Chaos runes medium low medium high
Bug chaos rune medium low n/a high
Lower Kurast rune high high medium high
Baal xp low medium medium high
Countess rune + key medium high low high
Summoner key high high medium high
nik key low medium low high
Travincal gold + rune n / a n / a high high
cow rune + base medium medium low low
ancient tunnel pit ...


Update: better version here

From Reddit d2bolo & mysticreddit


  • FCR: 9 | 20 | 37 | 63 | 105
  • FHR: 5 | 9 | 14 | 20 | 30 | 42 | 60 | 86


Runewords Runeword Runes clvl Requirements Notes
2os Armor Stealth TAL ETH 17
2os Staff Leaf TIR RAL 19
3os Large shield Ancient's Pledge RAL ORT TAL 21 Str 34
2os Helm Lore ORT SOL 27
4os Crystal sword Spirit TAL THUL ORT AMN 27 Str 43
2os Armor Smoke NEF LUM 37
5os Flail Call to Arms AMN RAL MAL IST OHM 57 Str 125
3os Monarch shield Spirit TAL THUL ORT AMN 54 Str 156
4os Dusk/Archon Chains of Honor DOL UM BER IST 63

Merc runewords

Merc runewords Runeword Runes lv Notes
4os polearms Insight RAL TIR TAL SOL 27
3os armor Duress SHAEL UM THUL 47
3os armor Treachery SHAEL THUL LEM 43 midgame
5os polearms Infinity BER MAL BER IST 63 endgame


Act 1

  • shop for +skill staff (charged bolt or firebolt)
  • shop for 2 socket armor -> TAL ETH for Stealth @ lvl 17
  • shop for 2 socket staff -> TIR RAL for Leaf @ lvl 19 (if fire spec)
  • shop for 3 socket large shield -> RAL ORT TAL for Ancient's Pledge @ lvl 21 from Act 5
  • shop for 2 socket helm -> RAL RAL for fire res boost
  • get second 2 socket helm for ORT SOL Lore helm @ lvl 27
  • get STR to 25
  • save imbue quest for better rewards @ higher levels (belts, gloves, boots)

Act 2

  • buy belt with 3 rows for potions

Act 3

  • shop for 10 FCR wand/orb
  • get another 10 FCR item (ring/amu) for 3rd breakpoint with STEALTH

Act 5

  • make Ancient's Pledge (STR 34)
  • get STR to 43

Cow level

  • COWS for CRYSTAL SWORD on NORMAL for TAL THUL ORT AMN (Spirit) @ lvl 27

Act 1 Nightmare

  • get Act 2 defensive merc with Holy Freeze aura
  • give merc All res, life leech, cannot be frozen from items
  • give merc 4 socket polearm Insight RAL TIR TAL SOL @ lvl 27
  • give merc Duress armor SHAEL UM THUL @ lvl 47
  • get Smoke armor NEF LUM @ lvl 37 for all res boost for hell
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