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What would you like to do?
###[Q] "What should I do?" question
Unfortunately, this question appears to be asking “What should I do?”, which the community has [determined]( to not be a good fit for Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange. We can’t decide for you what to do; after you determine what you want to do, we can help you with your goal, but we can’t make these decisions for you. Sorry.
###[Q] Answers in comments
**Please don’t write answers in comments.** It bypasses our quality measures by not having voting (both up and down) available on comments, as well as having other problems [detailed on meta]( Comments are for clarifying and improving the question; please don’t use them for other purposes.
###[A] "Try this!" answers
Hey, thanks for the answer! Can you please explain exactly *why* you think that this is a good idea? Why do you say to take this course of action? What’s the thought process behind this answer? As this currently stands, this is essentially a “Try this!” answer. We [require]( that answers provide some sort of explanation for why they are suggesting this solution, and unfortunately, at the moment this answer doesn't appear to do that.
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