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type tmux in terminal


  • Create new window: Ctrl+b c
  • Move to next window: Ctrl+b n
  • Move to previos window: Ctrl+b p
  • List all wondows: Ctrl+b w


  • To split horizontally: Ctrl+b " (shift ")

  • To split vertically: Ctrl+b % (shift 5)

  • To move to next pane: Ctrl+b o

  • Run one command in all panes: Ctrl+b and type :setw synchronize-panes

  • Scrolling, Ctrl+b Page Up and Ctrl+b Page Down

For different prefix, internet recommends different conf file,

tmux -f /path/to/tmux.conf

file consists of,

# use of ` instead of Ctrl+b
set-option -g prefix `
bind-key ` send-prefix
unbind-key C-b
  • mouse on: set -g mouse on
  • copy paste is shift+middle button of mouse

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commented Oct 24, 2018

To split horizontally: Ctrl+b " (shift ")

To avoid confusion above line can be written as
To split horizontally: Ctrl+b " or Ctrl+b (shift ')

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