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Namespaces in Kubernetes

Being a container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, Kubernetes is adopted and highly practised by many teams while some prefer to explore it till depths.

So it becomes important for a cluster manager or a cluster admin to split numerous cluster components or objects or resources into smaller distinct groups. It enables smooth management and effective usage of isolated resources without overlapping.

What is a Namespace?

A namespace can be considered as a virtual cluster inside your Kubernetes cluster which are logically isolated from each other.

Each Kubernetes namespace provides a different scope which means that using the combination of an object name and a Namespace, each object gets an unique identity across the cluster.



The world is constantly being attracted towards containers and its orchestration especially in large and dynamic environments which has also led to the rising of various tools and platforms in trend.

As we all know that Docker is a major player in the world of containers and therefore in this blog, we will be exploring what it offers in terms of orchestration.

Yes, we will be looking at Docker-Swarm and some of its key components !!!

Also here I am assuming that the reader is prior aware of the basic docker concepts like container, image, etc.

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A blog on unsupervised ML algorithm


K-means is one of the most popular unsupervised learning techniques due to its simplicity and efficiency. It is an iterative and unsupervised clustering algorithm used in machine learning.

Quick Introduction

A cluster is a group of data points that are grouped together due to similarities in their features.The k-means clustering algorithm assigns data points to categories, or clusters, by finding the mean distance between data points. It then iterates through this technique in order to perform more accurate classifications over time.

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