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Project 4 template

Project 4

Feature summary

Outline a summary of features that your application has. The following details are from a hypothetical project called "Movie Tracker". Note that it is similar to Foobooks, yet it has its own unique features. Delete this example and replace with your own feature summary

  • Visitors can register/log in
  • Users can add/update/delete movies in their collection (title, release date, director, writer, summary, category)
  • There's a file uploader that's used to upload post images for each movie
  • User's can toggle whether movies in their collection are public or private
  • Each user has a public profile page which presents a short bio about their movie tastes, as well as a list of public movies in their collection.
  • Each user has their own account page where they can edit their bio, email, password
  • Users can clone movies from another user's public collection into their collection
  • The home page features
    • a stream of recently added public movies
    • a list of categories, with a link to each category that shows a page of movies (with links) within that category

Database summary

Describe the tables and relationships used in your database. Delete the examples below and replace with your own info.

  • My application has 3 tables in total (users, movies, categories)
  • There's a many-to-many relationship between movies and categories
  • There's a one-to-many relationship between movies and users

Outside resources

Your list of outside resources go here

Code style divergences

List any divergences from PSR-1/PSR-2 and course guidelines on code style

Notes for instructor

Any notes for me to refer to while grading; if none, omit this section

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