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var HERO = (function(self) {
function init() {
console.log('Hero exist!');
var _globals = {
name: 'hero',
source: 'hero.png',
width: 100,
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var ATTACKS = (function (self) {
var moveList = {
slam: {
name: "Slam",
power: 20,
physical: true,
magic: false,
atkdelay: 400,
atkhold: 0,
special: null
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var SLIDER = (function(self){
function __init(){
//run self init stuff here
// console.log(_globals.slides);
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function gameSetup(){
var trueLove= []; //used for calculation of the percent
var flamesOne= [];//used for flames values you
var flamesTwo= [];//user for flame values partner
//first person
var $youFname = $("#you input.fname").val();
var $youLname = $("#you input.lname").val();
var $youName= $youFname.toLowerCase()+$youLname.toLowerCase();
var youArray = $youName.split("");
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class GeneralDAL {
// Instance variable
private $con = null;
private $tableName = '';
function __construct($url,$userid,$password,$databaseName, $tableName) {