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Setup and launch a new VSCode project (workspace) from macOS Finder with one click. Workspace/Project name is derived from the selected folder the action is run against.


macOS Automator bin/bash (or any command line flavor that supports printf) VSCode


  • Download the .workflow file (via Dropbox, and don't worry its code signed)

  • Open Automator - import/open the .workflow file - resave to username/Library/Services folder — or do it all via terminal

      cd <whatever folder the .workflow file was downloaded to>
      mv ./'Make VSCode Project.workflow' ~/Library/Services


In Finder, highlight or right-click any folder that will act as the root folder of a new VSCode workspace/project.

In the contextual menu, hover over the Services menu item (usually at the bottom of the list). Alternatively use the Services menu item located under Finders main menu.

Select the Make VSCode Project option.

This will then create a workspace file named after the selected folder (which can always be changed after initial creation).

VSCode will then automatically launch in the context of the new project workspace.

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