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How to install ola on openSUSE
== Install OLA on openSUSE ==
On openSUSE OLA is separated into following packages:
* ola - containing olad, rdmpro_sniffer, usbpro_firmware and ola_* tools
as well as the manuals.
* libola1 - containing the shared libraries
* libola-devel - containing the ola development files
* python-ola - containing the python bindings for ola[*]
[*] not available on SLE11, SLE12 and openSUSE 42 Leap
=== Installing ola packages ===
The easiest way of installing ola is to install it from the
openSUSE buildservice.
Therefore you only have to add the multimedia:libs repository
to YaST or zypper and use the normal way of installing packages.
==== Step by Step ====
Lines after '>' are command-line commands
Choose the matching [URL] for your openSUSE version:
openSUSE 13.1:
openSUSE 13.2:
openSUSE Leap 42.1:
openSUSE Tumbleweed:
1. Add multimedia:libs as repository.
> sudo zypper ar [URL] "multimedia:libs"
2. Refresh repositories. When asked if you trust multimedia:libs, anser with 'y'
> sudo zypper ref
3. Install packages
> sudo zypper in [packages]
[packages]: See available packages above.
=== Installing ola from source ===
If you are not happy with the pre-built RPMs then you can also install ola from source.
Therefore you have to install first the dependencies:
> sudo zypper in automake avahi-devel libcppunit-devel libftdi1-devel liblo-devel \
libmicrohttpd-devel libusb-devel libuuid-devel ncurses-devel protobuf-devel
If you also want to install the python bindings:
> sudo zypper in python-protobuf
Then follow the instructions at:
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