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Last active October 9, 2022 16:19
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Calculate total torrent down/upload from flood API

qBitTorrent keeps forgetting global download/upload statistics but remembers it on individual torrents. This script uses flood's API (Because I couldn't figure out qBit's API) to calculate those values.

# Username and password can't contain " because I can't be assed to escape those
printf "Password: "
read -s PASSWORD
AUTH_COOKIE=$(curl -so /dev/null "${FLOOD_URL}/api/auth/authenticate" -d "{\"password\":\"$PASSWORD\",\"username\":\"$USERNAME\"}" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --dump-header - | grep -Fi Set-Cookie | sed 's/Set-Cookie: //' | tr -d "[:space:]")
DATA=$(curl -s -H "Cookie: $AUTH_COOKIE" "${FLOOD_URL}/api/torrents")
UP_TOTAL=$(echo "$DATA" | jq '.torrents[].upTotal' | paste -sd+ | bc | numfmt --to iec --format "%8.4f")
DOWN_TOTAL=$(echo "$DATA" | jq '.torrents[].downTotal' | paste -sd+ | bc | numfmt --to iec --format "%8.4f")
echo "Total uploaded: $UP_TOTAL"
echo "Total downloaded: $DOWN_TOTAL"
# Revoke token
curl -s "${FLOOD_URL}/api/auth/logout" -H "Cookie: $AUTH_COOKIE"
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