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Created Mar 26, 2012
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Sorted filelist for Phing
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<project name="sorted-filelist" basedir="." default="all">
<target name="all" depends="use-fileset, use-find" />
<!-- fileset version -->
<!-- no sort -->
<target name="use-fileset">
<foreach param="filename" target="echo-filename">
<fileset dir="./testdir">
<include name="*.txt" />
<!-- find version -->
<!-- sorted ! -->
<target name="use-find">
<exec command="find ./testdir -name '*.txt' | sort | xargs -n 1 basename | tr '\n' ',' > /tmp/filelist" />
<loadfile property="file-list" file="/tmp/filelist" />
<foreach list="${file-list}" param="filename" target="echo-filename" />
<target name="echo-filename">
<echo msg="Filename is ${filename}" />
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