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Last active December 24, 2021 18:11
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# v2021-12-24.1
require 'sqlite3'
dbf = '/tmp/plan.db'
File.delete(dbf) if File.exists? dbf
db = dbf
db.results_as_hash = true
db.execute "CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE IF NOT EXISTS plan USING FTS5(contents,tokenize = porter)"
db.execute "INSERT INTO plan (contents) VALUES(?)",[0]).read
results = db.query "SELECT snippet(plan, 0,'[', ']', '...',32) as result FROM plan(?) ORDER BY rank ", ARGV.slice(1,ARGV.length).join(" ")
while r =
puts r['result']
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svandragt commented Dec 24, 2021

Setup: $ chmod +x fts.rb

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