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svendroid / Jackson1ConverterFactory
Last active Mar 8, 2017
Retrofit Jackson1ConverterFactory
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package retrofit;
import com.squareup.okhttp.RequestBody;
import com.squareup.okhttp.ResponseBody;
import org.codehaus.jackson.type.JavaType;


This bash script offers quick shortcuts to simulate slower network connections. It is useful when you need to simulate a wireless network on a Linux network server, especially when you are using a virtual machine guest on your local machine or in the cloud.

slow 3G                   # Slow network on default eth0 down to 3G wireless speeds
slow 3G -l 600ms -p 10%   # slow network on eth0 and setup latency to 600ms packetloss to 10%
slow reset                # Reset connection for default eth0 to normal
slow vsat --latency=500ms # Simulate satellite internet  with a high latency
slow dsl -b 1mbps         # Simulate DSL with a slower speed than the default
svendroid / Predicting Bike count in Munich.ipynb
Last active Nov 20, 2020
I tried to predict the numbers of bike counts in the city of munich based on weather information and the date as practice for the Chapter 9 “Tabular Modelling Deep Dive” of the fastai_v2 course.
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