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Travis CI Office

The Travis CI office

How to get to the Travis CI office:

The address is Prinzessinnenstrasse 20, on the left driveway:

  • You can either take the stairs on Aufgang B ("staircase B"). Go all the way up to the 5th floor. Knock on the door, loudly :)
  • Or you can find the elevator and use the doorbell. We'll then pick you up with the elevator.
  • There also is another elevator inside of the building (just go through the Betahaus cafe, it's on the right side), go to 5th floor and find the door right next to the staircase.

Yes, this building can be somewhat confusing with all the staircases. When in doubt just give us a call or send us a message and we'll pick you up :)

Even though it's in the same building as the well-known Betahaus we're not related to them. We've just rented part of the top floor from the same landlord.

We share this office with a bunch of other parties, such as 5Apps, Avarteq and Cileos, which is why there's also a generic name: Ganz Oben office :)

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