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Who's up to a post-railsconfeu08-coolest-quotes-tshirt-site?
Rails doesn't scale! (Oscar Wilde)
Look at all the things I'm not doing! (DHH)
Most people don't need Zulu on your website. (Josh Harvey)
t :rails (Sven Fuchs)
That is sooo "Linux"! (Jeremy Kemper)
Java is to Javascript what car is to carpet (at BoF "Xing on Rails")
No suitable for a t-shirt but still noteworthy:
Using tables to store objects is like driving your car home and then
disassembling it to put it in the garage. It can be assembled again in the
morning, but one eventually asks whether this is the most efficient way to
park a car. (Esther Dyson - was quoted in the Maglev BoF)
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