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Create a new blog post on GitHub

  1. Create a new branch:

Ideally pick a branch name like "sf-add-post-whatever-the-post-title-is", where "sf" are your initials. E.g. "al-add-post-new-teams"

Confirm you're on the new branch by looking at the current URL. The branch name should be part of it.

  1. Navigate to the blog/_posts directory

  2. Add a new file for your post:

The filename should follow the naming convention of the existing blog posts: The file extension will determine the format used. Use .md for Markdown.

  1. Add the Jekyll header for the meta data

See for an example. Include the top section including the --- lines and change the attributes where required (probably all of them except the layout attribute).

  1. Add your blog post text
  2. Save the file
  3. Send a pull request:

That post explains more than you need. It should work if you just hit the "Pull Request" button, add a title and submit it (target branch and repository names should all default to the right stuff).


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svenfuchs commented Jul 23, 2013

fixed the link, thanks @unicornzero

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