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Some hints on debugging remote jconsole Connection problems
Expressed as ant xml, but these are system properties that should be set on the JVM to be instrumented:
<sysproperty key="" value="true"/>
<sysproperty key="" value="38383" />
<sysproperty key="" value="false" />
<sysproperty key="" value="false" />
<sysproperty key="java.rmi.server.hostname" value="" /><!-- ip address of the JVM you wanna connect to -->
To see debugging information when running jconsole client:
jconsole -debug
...or, for lots more...
jconsole -debug -J-Djava.util.logging.config.file=/Users/swaldman/tmp/
jconsole is an RMI-based service that does not play nicely with firewalls. If you need to access JVMs from outside, you'll need to punch holes not just in the jmxremote port, but over the full range over which an "anonymous" port may be allocated! e.g. at the moment I succeed having (temporarily) opened 35000 to 65000. Not a great thing!
Some references:
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