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import okhttp3.Interceptor;
import okhttp3.Response;
import static okhttp3.internal.http.StatusLine.HTTP_PERM_REDIRECT;
import static okhttp3.internal.http.StatusLine.HTTP_TEMP_REDIRECT;
* In OkHttp 4.5 and earlier, HTTP 307 and 308 redirects were only honored if the request method
* was GET or HEAD.
* In OkHttp 4.6 and later, HTTP 307 and 308 redirects are honored for all request methods.
* If you're upgrading to OkHttp 4.6 and would like to retain the previous behavior, install this
* as a **network interceptor**. It will strip the `Location` header of impacted responses to
* prevent the redirect.
* <pre>{@code
* OkHttpClient client = client.newBuilder()
* .addNetworkInterceptor(new LegacyRedirectInterceptor())
* .build();
* }</pre>
class LegacyRedirectInterceptor implements Interceptor {
@Override public Response intercept(Chain chain) throws IOException {
Response response = chain.proceed(chain.request());
int code = response.code();
if (code != HTTP_TEMP_REDIRECT && code != HTTP_PERM_REDIRECT) return response;
String method = response.request().method();
if (method.equals("GET") || method.equals("HEAD")) return response;
String location = response.header("Location");
if (location == null) return response;
return response.newBuilder()
.header("LegacyRedirectInterceptor-Location", location)
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