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@swannodette swannodette/main.cljs Secret
Last active Dec 10, 2015

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(ns store.admin.forms
(:require [domina :as d]
[ :as e]
[store.helpers :as sh]))
(defn add-model-name []
(e/listen! (d/by-id "add-model") :click
(fn [evt]
(e/prevent-default evt)
(sh/ajax-response (d/attr (d/by-id "add-model") :href)
(fn [content]
{:title "Create Model"
:body content}))))))
(defn ^:export main []
;;Helper functions called from store.admin.forms
(ns store.helpers
(:require [goog.ui.Dialog :as dlg]
[simple-xhr :as sxhr]
[goog.Uri :as uri]))
(defn create-dialog [{dtitle :title dbody :body }]
(doto (new goog.ui.Dialog)
(.setContent dbody)
(.setTitle dtitle)
(.setVisible true)
(.setModal true)))
(defn ajax-response [url callback]
:url (goog.Uri. url)
:method "GET"
(fn [xhrio]
(let [content (.getResponseXml xhrio)]
(callback content)))))
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