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A command that scripts a tmux session

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function flask-boilerplate-tmux
cd $BASE
tmux start-server
tmux new-session -d -s flaskboilerplate -n model
tmux new-window -t flaskboilerplate:2 -n controller
tmux new-window -t flaskboilerplate:3 -n view
tmux new-window -t flaskboilerplate:4 -n console
tmux new-window -t flaskboilerplate:5 -n tests
tmux new-window -t flaskboilerplate:6 -n git
tmux send-keys -t flaskboilerplate:1 "cd $BASE/flask_application; vim" C-m
tmux send-keys -t flaskboilerplate:2 "cd $BASE/flask_application/controllers; ls" C-m
tmux send-keys -t flaskboilerplate:3 "cd $BASE/flask_application/templates; ls" C-m
tmux send-keys -t flaskboilerplate:4 "bpython -i" C-m
tmux send-keys -t flaskboilerplate:5 "python" C-m
tmux send-keys -t flaskboilerplate:6 "git status" C-m
tmux select-window -t flaskboilerplate:1
tmux attach-session -t flaskboilerplate

looks interesting...
what does this do?
the resulting screenshot will be nice to see :)

Thank you! I never even noticed send-keys before.

Very nice. Note to others, if you have "set -g base-index 0" which I think is the default, the windows start at 0, not 1.

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