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Get arbitrarily deeply nested objects with a comparator.
* Get deeply nested objects using a 'compare' function.
* @param {(object|array)} target Data tree in which to find objects.
* @param {function} compare Passed items in the `target` data tree. It
* should return a boolean value based on the
* item.
* @return {array}
function getDeepObjects(target, compare) {
var found = [];
if (Array.isArray(target)) {
target.forEach(function(childTarget) {
[].push.apply(found, findDeep(childTarget, compare));
} else if (target instanceof Object) {
if (compare(target)) {
} else {
Object.keys(target).forEach(function(key) {
[].push.apply(found, findDeep(target[key], compare));
return found;
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