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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys, lxml.etree as et
def purge_plugin( tree, id ):
print ':: Searching for %s Entries..' % id
targets = tree.findall( '//ReportItem[@pluginID="%s"]' % id )
print ' Found %s entries.' % len( targets )
print ':: Excising %s entries..' % id
for target in targets:
sys.stdout.write( '.' )
sys.stdout.flush( )
target.getparent( ).remove( target )
def nsfix( src_path, dst_path, *plugins ):
print ':: Loading source file..'
tree = et.parse( src_path )
for plugin in plugins:
purge_plugin( tree, plugin )
print ':: Writing output file..'
tree.write( dst_path )
print ':: Done.'
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len( sys.argv ) > 3:
nsfix( *sys.argv[1:] )
print >>sys.stderr, 'USAGE: nsfix <src.nessus> <dst.nessus> <plugin0> <plugin1> ...'
print >>sys.stderr, 'EX: nsfix sample.nessus dest.nessus 19506 11084'
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