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//created by @swifee
#target "aftereffects"
var activeItem = app.project.activeItem;
if ((activeItem == null) || !(activeItem instanceof CompItem)) {
var comp_x = activeItem.width;
var comp_y = activeItem.height;
var comp_fDur = activeItem.frameDuration;
var comp_dur = activeItem.duration/comp_fDur;
var newComp = app.project.items.addComp("CombinedImage", comp_x, comp_y*comp_dur, 1, 1, 1);
var t;
t = newComp.layers.add(activeItem);
t.anchorPoint.setValue([0, 0, 0]);
t.position.setValue([0, comp_y*i, 0]);
t.timeRemapEnabled = true;
t.timeRemap.setValueAtTime(0, i*comp_fDur);
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