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Drupal 7 Views output changes by QueryPath
// Moving lots of stuff (filters, counters, headers...) around in a View
// using QueryPath.
// Not quite the most Drupal-like, but actually much more reliable when it
// comes to inserting items into filters that are not covered by the Views UI
// and moving counters out of the header.
* Implements hook_views_post_render().
function MY_MODULE_views_post_render(&$view, &$output, &$cache) {
if ($view->name === 'MY_VIEW_NAME' && ($view->current_display === 'page')) {
// Load QueryPath to juggle items around the page.
require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/sites/all/vendor/querypath/querypath/src/qp.php';
$view_query_path = htmlqp($output);
// Add help link to filters.
$help_markup = '<div class="filter-help"><a href="/some/path/help">Help</a></div>';
$filters = $view_query_path->find('.views-exposed-form')->first()->html();
$view_query_path->find('.views-exposed-form')->first()->html("{$help_markup} \n {$filters}");
// Add definitions link to category filters.
$definitions_link = '<div class="filter-help definitions"><a href="/some/path/secondary-filter-help">View category help</a></div>';
$filters = $view_query_path->find('.bef-secondary-options')->first()->html();
$view_query_path->find('.bef-secondary-options')->first()->html("{$definitions_link} \n {$filters}");
// Move counter from header to top of results.
$counter = $view_query_path->find('.view-count')->first()->remove();
// Create a results header between the filter and the results.
$results_header = '<div class="views-row results-header"></div>';
// Create a title within the results header.
$results_title = t('Search Results');
$results_header_title = "<h2 class=\"title\">{$results_title}</h2>";
// Move Search and reset buttons to in-between the two sets of filters.
$buttons = $view_query_path->find('.views-action-buttons')->first()->remove();
$output = $view_query_path->html();
// Care has to be taken to avoid using fragile selectors that may change.

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