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My suggestions on how to look for F# jobs

How to find F# jobs

People often ask me how to find F# jobs. I don't have any special connections to companies using F#, and I don't have any special tricks either. I wish I did!

So, given that, here's my take on F# jobs.

Job hunting

For job hunting my suggestions are:

Increase your visibility

Most of the best jobs are found by word of mouth rather than being advertised. So in addition to job hunting, I strongly suggest networking and making people aware of you. For example:

  • Participate in the F# slack, twitter, and other F# forums
  • Create F# tools or projects that are useful to the F# community
  • Make blog posts or videos about F#

These things will all make you better known in the F# community. That way, you will be first to find out about opportunities, and people might contact you directly if they need help.

Expand your horizons

Also, consider expanding to other functional languages. F# is great, but so is OCaml, Elm, ReasonML, Scala, Haskell, etc. If you know one of them, you can normally pick up the others reasonably quickly. Some people are even doing heavily functional C# and Typescript, so that might be an alternative as well.

Pick a job based on the challenge not the programming language

If you're bored at your job, it's easy to think that using a new programming language will help. That will be true in the short term, and it's good for your resume/CV! But instead, think about finding a job where there is an interesting challenge that appeals to you, or where the culture is good. If you enjoy your day job, you can still play with F# in your free time. On the other hand, if your day job is boring, then being bored and writing F# is not much better than being bored and writing C#!

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Swoorup commented Dec 16, 2019

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Hello. This is perhaps the most pressing question of all time. I thank you for these suggestions. Now I have ideas in my head about what job options I could consider. But this is for the future.

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