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Functional Track talks from NDC London 2014

Functional Track talks from NDC London 2014

Wednesday 2014-12-3

Thursday 2014-12-4

Friday 2014-12-5

See also the functional tracks from other years

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swlaschin commented Dec 23, 2014

Let me know if I have missed any, or you think any others should be added.

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nettok commented Dec 31, 2014

"The F# Way To Relaxation -- Don Syme" has no sound starting from minute 2, aprox.

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rohits79 commented Jan 2, 2015

The Elixir presentation has got me sold, what a wonderful pitch (per process GC and especially the hot swap had my jaw dropped)

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pjmlp commented Jan 10, 2015

"Distributed Erlang -- Christopher Meiklejohn" looses the sound after 6 minutes into playing.

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TeaDrivenDev commented Feb 7, 2016

The links on this page all take me to the page for the NDC account, not to the individual videos. The links in the gist for NDC Oslo 2015 are fine.

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cnromaine commented Feb 7, 2016

The links seemed to have changed, so I forked and updated them, See Could not issue a pull request, since this is a gist. Perhaps this and the other conference lists can be consolidated into a git repository for future reference? 😄 Thanks for all that you do for the community!

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