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One advice may be good counsel but following all opinions is stupid without mistake. A camel is a horse drawn by a committee. Listen to advice without interruption, and follow your own judgement. This reminds me of a story:

One day, the Mullah went to the market in Konya with his son. As they only had one mule, the son mounted it and the Mullah walked.

A neighbour was appalled. "Now this is education! The old man walks while the lazy youngster rides!"

"I told you, father", said the boy, and they changed places.

Not far from there, a group of passers by shouted after them: "Tyrant! You, a full-grown man, ride the donkey while your child sweats and stumbles in the dust!"

This time, they mounted together.

In the next village, an angry crowd wanted to stone them: "Heartless people, do you want to kill that poor animal under your weight?"

After this, they both followed the donkey afoot.

At the gate of the town, the beggars were laughing their shirts off: "Look at these two fools! Their donkey is leading them instead of carrying them."

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