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Last active July 19, 2022 07:49
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GravityHelper Exports
// Copyright (c) Shane Woolcock. Licensed under the MIT Licence.
// See the LICENCE file in the repository root for full licence text.
using System;
using Celeste.Mod.GravityHelper.Components;
using Celeste.Mod.GravityHelper.Extensions;
using Celeste.Mod.GravityHelper.ThirdParty;
using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
using Monocle;
using MonoMod.ModInterop;
namespace Celeste.Mod.GravityHelper
public static class GravityHelperExports
public static void RegisterModSupportBlacklist(string modName) => ThirdPartyModSupport.BlacklistedMods.Add(modName);
public static string GravityTypeFromInt(int gravityType) => ((GravityType)gravityType).ToString();
public static int GravityTypeToInt(string name) =>
(int)(Enum.TryParse<GravityType>(name, out var value) ? value : GravityType.Normal);
public static int GetPlayerGravity() =>
(int)(GravityHelperModule.PlayerComponent?.CurrentGravity ?? GravityType.Normal);
public static int GetActorGravity(Actor actor) => (int)(actor?.GetGravity() ?? GravityType.Normal);
public static void SetPlayerGravity(int gravityType, float momentumMultiplier) =>
GravityHelperModule.PlayerComponent?.SetGravity((GravityType)gravityType, momentumMultiplier);
public static void SetActorGravity(Actor actor, int gravityType, float momentumMultiplier) =>
actor?.SetGravity((GravityType)gravityType, momentumMultiplier);
public static bool IsPlayerInverted() => GravityHelperModule.ShouldInvertPlayer;
public static bool IsActorInverted(Actor actor) => actor?.ShouldInvert() ?? false;
public static Vector2 GetAboveVector(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? Vector2.UnitY : -Vector2.UnitY;
public static Vector2 GetBelowVector(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? -Vector2.UnitY : Vector2.UnitY;
public static Vector2 GetTopCenter(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? actor.BottomCenter : actor?.TopCenter ?? Vector2.Zero;
public static Vector2 GetBottomCenter(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? actor.TopCenter : actor?.BottomCenter ?? Vector2.Zero;
public static Vector2 GetTopLeft(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? actor.BottomLeft : actor?.TopLeft ?? Vector2.Zero;
public static Vector2 GetBottomLeft(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? actor.TopLeft : actor?.BottomLeft ?? Vector2.Zero;
public static Vector2 GetTopRight(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? actor.BottomRight : actor?.TopRight ?? Vector2.Zero;
public static Vector2 GetBottomRight(Actor actor) =>
actor?.ShouldInvert() == true ? actor.TopRight : actor?.BottomRight ?? Vector2.Zero;
public static Component CreateGravityListener(Actor actor, Action<Entity, int, float> gravityChanged) =>
new GravityListener(actor, (e, a) =>
gravityChanged(e, (int)a.NewValue, a.MomentumMultiplier));
public static Component CreatePlayerGravityListener(Action<Player, int, float> gravityChanged) =>
new PlayerGravityListener((e, a) =>
gravityChanged(e as Player, (int)a.NewValue, a.MomentumMultiplier));
public static void BeginOverride() => GravityHelperModule.OverrideSemaphore++;
public static void EndOverride() => GravityHelperModule.OverrideSemaphore--;
public static void ExecuteOverride(Action action)
public static IDisposable WithOverride()
return new InvokeOnDispose(() => GravityHelperModule.OverrideSemaphore--);
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