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When you import movies into iMovie 10 libraries, the file is always copied, wasting space and hindering editability. This script replaces the copy with a hardlink, reclaiming disk space.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Usage: dedup-imovie-library LIBRARY ORIGINALS
# Goes through an iMovie 10 library and replaces all the "Original Media" with
# symlinks to the actual original media, in order to conserve disk space. Note
# that because they're symlinks, if the path to the originals changes (e.g. you
# rename the external drive they are on) then the links will be broken.
# This assumes you've already imported the files into iMovie and waited for them
# all to be copied.
# This also assumes movie files in LIBRARY have unique matches in ORIGINALS with
# the same filename!
# This script will also check that the file is indeed a duplicate before deleting it and creating a link
require 'fileutils'
library = ARGV.shift
originals = ARGV.shift
fail "Library #{library} does not exist" unless library && File.exist?(library)
fail "You must use an absolute path for the originals directory" if originals.start_with?( '..')
fail "Originals folder #{originals} does not exist" unless originals && File.exist?(originals)
# For each original file in the imovie library
Dir.glob(File.join(library, '**', 'Original Media', '*')) do |library_file|
next unless File.file? library_file
# Skip it if we've already replaced it with a symlink
next if File.lstat(library_file).symlink?
# Look for a file in the originals path with the same filename (case-insensitive)
original = Dir.glob(File.join(originals, '**', File.basename(library_file)), File::FNM_CASEFOLD).first
next unless original
# Make sure file contents are identical
next unless FileUtils.compare_file library_file, original
puts "Linking #{library_file} => #{original}"
FileUtils.rm_f library_file, verbose: true
# Replace with a symlink
FileUtils.ln_s original, library_file, verbose: true
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