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import React from "react";
import { Modal, Button } from "react-bootstrap";
import { PieChart } from "react-minimal-pie-chart";
function Question(props) {
let { correct, incorrect, testAgain } = props;
let correctPercentage = (correct / 10) * 100;
let incorrectPercentage = 100 - correctPercentage;
return (
<Modal show={true} onHide={testAgain} animation={false}>
<Modal.Title>Your luck: {correctPercentage}%</Modal.Title>
title: "Correct",
value: correctPercentage,
color: "#38bb38",
title: "Incorrect",
value: incorrectPercentage,
color: "#e24646",
<div className="numbers-container">
<div className="numbers">
<div className="number correct">{correct}</div>
<div className="number incorrect">{incorrect}</div>
<Button variant="primary" onClick={testAgain}>
Test again
export default Question;
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