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The email I sent to the WordPress plugin review team.
Hi there!
The plugin URI:
As I was trying to incorporate compatibility for the plugin, I found several actionable hooks that allow users to do any of the following:
a) Users can download/read any file.
b) Users can upload files.
c) Users can exploit wp_remote_*() with self-set URLs.
d) Users can update the plugin’s settings.
e) Users can update post meta.
f) Users can download the complete Media library by supplying a random array of IDs.
g) Users can inject Posts.
All this can be done with merely a WordPress subscriber/visitor/commenter account.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to forge examples. Please look at these hooks to evaluate my assessments:
1. wp_ajax_ampforwp_get_licence_activate_update
2. wp_ajax_ampforwp_deactivate_license
3. wp_ajax_ampforwp_save_installer
4. wp_ajax_amppb_export_layout_data
5. wp_ajax_amppb_save_layout_data
6. wp_ajax_ampforwp_get_image
These hooks lack nonce and current_user_can() verifications, and wp_ajax_* actions only require the user to be logged in.
Other issues I’ve found are:
1. In the past I found that editors could potentially XSS the site. I fixed that for them, but they’ve since reverted it to add more features. There’s a consistent lack of escaping output, although WordPress prevents most of this being exploited via the unfiltered_html capability, I still believe this should be investigated.
2. The ../templates/instant-articles/instant-article-sanitizer.php file contains various simple, nonprefixed functions.
3. The ../pagebuilder/amp-page-builder.php file contains a useless non-limiting definition check on line 2. This is nitpicking, as it’ll only generate PHP errors starting at line 7. But it creates a false sense of direct-calling security.
4. You’ll also find a carbon-copy of the plugin at version 0.4.2 in ../includes/vendor/amp.
5. In ../includes/modules-upgrade.php you’ll find non-standard functionality that downloads and installs plugins. Albeit only downloading from the repository, this will break a non-standard WP site easily, i.e. when WP_CONTENT_DIR is altered.
I couldn’t find the time to do more scrutinizing, but I think fixing these issues are a great step in the right direction.
I admire the authors for adding so many features in such a short time, but I think they should evaluate the security and integrity while doing so.
Kind regards,
Sybre Waaijer
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