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Last active May 8, 2021 09:15
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ESPHome PWM fan using a Wemos D1 mini lite
# Controlling my Buva Qstream ventilation system using:
# * A Wemos D1 mini lite (an ESP8266 based board)
# * A Wemos power shield so I can power the Wemos from the ventilation units 12V supply.
# * A simple PWM to 10V convertor like this:
# * The amazing ESPHome firmware tool:
# * Home Assistant to tie it all together:
# I used to use a Raspberry Pi and some Python code for this. See
# The Wemos approach seems more stable and doesn't require external USB power.
name: ventilation
platform: ESP8266
board: d1_mini_lite
ssid: "SSID"
password: "secret"
# Enable logging
# Enable Home Assistant API
platform: esp8266_pwm
pin: D3
frequency: 5000 Hz
id: pwm_output
platform: speed
output: pwm_output
name: "Ventilation"
speed_count: 100
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